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The papers are in chronological order, with the most recent last.

The Papers

1. cienega.pdf. The End of All Illusions? Neoliberalism, Transnational Economic Relations and Agrarian Reform in the Ciénega de Chapala, Michoacán was written in 1995.  It provides a summary of some of the issues treated in more depth in my first two monographs on rural Michoacán, one of which is also available in Spanish. Although this paper is published in Spanish in Relaciones, the journal of El Colegio de Michoacán, it has not been published elsewhere in English. 

2. gramsci.pdf. Putting The State Back In Without Leaving The Dialectics Out: Social Movements, Elites and Neoliberalism is the longer version of a paper that I presented at the American Anthropological Association Meeting in San Francisco in November 1996, in a session on "Gramsci, Hegemony and the Critique of Anthropology", organised by Jason S. Greenberg and Kerim Friedman of Temple University. 

3. Languages of Rights.pdf. Languages of Rights and Struggles for Moral Relations: Exploring the Paradoxes of Popular Protest in Mexico, is a seminar paper originally presented at the end of 1996 at Kent University. Although I have written more on some of these themes in print publications, this particular paper has not been published elsewhere.

4. Fantasy and Reality.pdf. Fantasy and Reality in Restructuring Mexico's Land Reform was originally presented at Manchester University's weekly Development Studies seminar in February 1997. This is a revised and extended version presented in April 1997 at the Society for Latin American Studies meeting in St. Andrews University, organised by David Stansfield. It was to be included in an edited volume based on this conference session which ultimately failed to come to fruition.

5. AES1998.pdf. What's New, What's Global and What's Marxism at the end of the 20th Century? is a short paper presented to a panel organised by Ananth Aiyer and Tom Patterson at the 1998 American Ethnogical Society meeting in Toronto on "Revisioning Marxist Anthropology in the Age of Global Capitalism".

6. Moral Ambiguities.pdf. Moral Ambiguities and Competing Claims to Justice: Exploring the Dilemmas of Activist Scholarship and Intervention in Complex Situations is the original, long version of a paper precirculated to the participants in the conference Reconstructing Human Rights: A Critical Project for the 21st Century, organised by Neil Stammers at the University of Sussex in June 1999. I gave a shorter revised version in the anthropology department at St.Andrews University in December 1999, and parts of the argument have appeared in print publications, but not in this original form.

7. Autonomy & Alterity.pdf. Autonomy & Alterity: The Dilemmas of Mexican Anthropology. This paper was written for a journal published in China and has not been published in English. It discusses the changing relationships between the Mexican state, professional anthropologists and indigenous people.

8. Getting New Bearings.pdf. Getting New Bearings in the Labyrinth: The Transformation of the Mexican State and the Real Chiapas. This paper has been published in Spanish, but the edited book in which the original English version was to be published failed to materialise. Its rather gloomy view of Mexican political life is arguably more relevant today than it was when it was written, since ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari has now returned to a dominant position within the former ruling party and reached a backstage understanding with the administration of Vicente Fox. Various other key actors whose earlier roles are described in the piece have enjoyed impunity and advancement in the new democratic Mexico. As for Chiapas, the tendencies since 2000 have, perhaps not surprisingly, favoured the more pessimistic scenarios suggested in the paper. If you would prefer to read the Spanish version, this is also available on-line in PDF format from the website of the journal Relaciones at Click on the link for issue number 90.

9. Indigenous Autonomy as a Strategy for Social Inclusion. This is a paper based on my most recent research in Mexico given to an ESRC Research Seminar on Social Policy, Stability and Exclusion in Latin America at the Institute of Latin American Studies in London in February 2004.

10. Beyond Speaking Truth to Power: Anthropological Entanglements with Multicultural and Indigenous Rights Politics. This is a paper presented in the 2004 EASA Congress in Vienna in the Bilingual Workshop Pouvoir critique et critique du pouvoir des anthropologues /Critical Power and Critique of the Power of Anthropologists, organized by Quentin Gausset and Robert Gibb.

11. The Two Deaths of Digna Ochoa: A Window onto the Violences of Power in Neoliberal Mexico. This paper was originally given to a closed research seminar on State Violence held at Goldsmiths' College and subsequently as a public lecture in the National University of Ireland at Maynooth in November 2004. More a work of conscience than a purely academic piece, it is written in solidarity with the many Mexican citizens who are striving to secure reform of the justice system and an end to impunity, and with the relatives of Digna Ochoa, who remain unsatisfied with the official verdict that her death was a suicide. More recently, subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation has added his voice to persistent calls for review of a case whose conduct cast a shadow over the security of all human rights defenders in Mexico. La Jornada newspaper has published a letter written by Marcos to Bernardo Bátiz Vázquez, the Attorney General of Mexico City, which adds some further disturbing observations to those reported in the paper. For the text of this letter and Procurator Bátiz's response to it, click here (the page will open in a new browser window).

12. Non-State Actors: Agents of Reform or Global Governmentality? This is the text of an invited talk I gave to a symposium on Global Governance: Problems and Prospects. at the the Centre for Excellence in Global Governance Research of the University of Helsinki in June 2006.

13. Indigenous Movements in Mexico: impasse of Forward Motion? This paper was given at an amazing undergraduate organized International Studies Symposium on Mexico held at York University, Canada, in February 2006. It is published in a book, very professionally edited by two of the students, which is well worth acquiring for the other contributions, but I am posting my piece here for those who may not be able to see the printed version. The reference to the printed book is Jessica Perkins and Karen Campbell (eds.) Across Borders: Diverse Perspectives on Mexico. Toronto: ISCMexico. Many thanks to Jessica and Karen for inviting me to participate in this very successful project.

14. Rebeliones latinoamericanas contra el barrio bajo global. This is the a Spanish version of a paper published in 2006 in the Bulletin of Latin American Research. This particular version was prepared for an invited conference in Mexico to honour the intellectual legacy of the late Arturo Warman in November 2006, an earlier one having been given in August at the University of Buenos Aires as a conference keynote, and both are appearing in print in edited books. The Spanish versions were adapted for the different audiences, countries and conference themes, and this one is considerably revised (and extended) relative to the English prototype, as a result of the stimulating questions and commentaries offered by members of my audiences in Buenos Aires and Mexico City, which are much appreciated. Since it may be difficult for some readers in Latin America and Europe who would prefer to read this in Spanish to get hold of the print version, I am making it available here.

15. New Actors, New Political Spaces, Same Divided City? Reflections on Poverty and the Poliitcs of Urban Development in Salvador, Bahia. This paper, co-authored with Maria Gabriela Hita, was presented at the 2009 Meeting of the Latin American Studies Association in Rio de Janeiro. It is available on-line as one of the Brooks World Poverty Institute Working Papers series.

16. The Production of Insecurity in Brazil and Mexico. This is a paper that I presented in a panel on security issues that I organized in the Society for Latin American Studies conference in Manchester in April 2013. It covers some of the issues I researched during my Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship (2010-2013).