Religion in Michoacán

Church before storm.jpg (34900 bytes)
Church, Los Reyes
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First Communion, Santa Clara - The child is sponsored by a godparent (padrino)
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The Church at San Juan Nuevo
San Juan Nuevo is a pilgrimage centre, south of Uruapan. Settled by people whose homes were destroyed by the eruption of the Paracutin volcano in the 1940s, the community's fortunes were transformed when and the statue of Christ was observed to weep.
Below - Pilgrims at San Juan Nuevo
The Baroque splendour of Michoacán's churches is frequently preserved by gifts from migrants in the United States. Priests sometimes helped members of their congregations to enter the United States as bracero contract workers in the 1950s, in the hope that they would make a donation. In this case, however, the income from pious donations and tourism is more than sufficient to maintain a splendid building.
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San Juan Nuevo
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Child dressed for Church festival, Jacona
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Catholic ritual remains rich in symbolism in Michoacán, with children playing a prominent role as actors in specific services (click image above for video).

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