What's it all about?

This interactive learning project explores the transformation of rural societies in the Twentieth Century. You will learn about theoretical debates and can explore issues in more depth through case studies based on anthropological fieldwork.

In contrast to a printed book, you can choose how much detail and contextual information you want at any moment in the presentation, and you can use the various indexing and search facilities built into the package to find information, list the contents of the different sections of the presentation, and gain suggestions for further reading in a traditional library. Each page except this one has buttons at the top and bottom so that you can move forwards or backwards through the presentation in a linear way, and access the main table of contents or the bibliography at any point. You can also jump between different sections and obtain more detailed information by clicking on the hypertext links embedded in the pages.

In addition to pictures, the case study sections offer you video and sound clips to enrich your learning experience.

To start, use the navigation bar to the left, or click on an image

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This project was directed and designed by John Gledhill for the University of Manchester Department of Social Anthropology and the ERA Consortium. Mark Harris was responsible for the Brazilian case study. A more sophisticated version peviously delivered online in Manchester is unfortunately no longer available. This version is equivalent to the version on the ERA Project CD-Rom, which is simplified. It does not include all the original functionality of the previous Manchester version and its navigational structure is less sophisticated. Our apologies.