Agriculture on the Floodplain

Agriculture is only possible for about six to seven months of the year. Different crops are grown on different places on the floodplain land, depending on how resistant they are to flooding and their growing period. Almost every meal and snack is based around the bitter and sweet manioc (or cassava) root.

, In H. Skar and F. Soloman (eds), Natives and Neighbours in South America. (Goteborg)

Right: a manioc field (with bitter and sweet plants) - at the end is the floodplain lip leading down to the river

There is an extensive literature on manioc production and distribution. For an excellent analysis of the indigenous Amazonian literature in terms of gender and control over production you should take a look at Peter Riviere's Of women, men and manioc

Left is a man making a tipiti, the manioc seive used to squeeze the poison out of the soaked manioc

Below is a woman peeling manioc roots after they have left to soak.